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Tank Sweep, Cranford, NJ (2022)

What is an Oil Tank Sweep?

Before you purchase a home, it’s essential that you know whether there is an active or decommissioned fuel tank buried on the property. The longer an oil tank is buried, the more likely that the metal will corrode and allow oil to leak into the soil surrounding the tank. Oil that seeps into groundwater can cause serious environmental issues. Attorneys and realtors typically advise potential home buyers to find out if there is an oil tank buried on the property as part of due diligence. Banks rarely approve a mortgage on a home with an underground oil tank because of liability risks. If you are a homeowner, you’ll want to find out if you have an underground oil tank so you can mitigate risks and avoid complications when you sell your home. But how can you detect whether there is an underground oil tank on the property and determine exactly where it’s located? The oil tank removal experts at tank solutions are here to help with locating an underground oil tank! Using specialized equipment, we can perform a fast, accurate oil tank sweep on a residential property to get you the answers you need.

What Happens during an Oil Tank Sweep in New Jersey?

Are you wondering whether an oil tank sweep is an important task to perform on your property? Most likely, it is. Coal was king in many homes between 1900 and 1945, but by the mid-1930s, oil burners gained popularity due to their quality and safety measures.

Fast forward to the 1980s, there was no alternative heat choice besides oil. Oil tank sweep was not addressed until the 1990s and beyond, when environmental regulations put strict standards regarding oil leaks into the ground. So what happens during an oil tank sweep in NJ? The following steps in the process include:

Inspection of the Oil Tank Sweep Site

The best way to find clues to any possible hidden environmental problem is to hire service professionals to perform an extensive inspection to locate the underground oil tanks. When you buy a home, especially vintage homes, chances are when the original owner left; the old oil tank was left in place.

Documentation of the Discoveries

The technician performs both internal and external inspections, and documentation of all the discoveries is done. The presence of an oil-fired furnace or pipes and lines that have an exit at the foundation indicates that an underground tank exists. These are the subtle clues that an old or current oil tank is underground.

Oil Tank Sweep Process

After inspection with clues that an oil tank exists, removing the oil tank begins; several methods to perform an oil tank sweep, for instance, ground-penetrating radar (GPR) – a non-intrusive way of surveying the existence of underground utilities like the oil tank.

Magnetometry uses a magnet’s power to discover an underground tank’s exact location, and soil probing is employed for quick soil sampling and description before the oil tank sweep begins.

Final Report of the Project

What happens during an oil tank sweep is documented from the beginning to the end, and a final report is provided if there is a need for further investigation. A final report is usually available in 24 hours. Also, we ensure we adhere to environmental standards during the entire process to avoid any ecological problems in the future.

Wrapping Up

Do you need a complete oil tank sweep? As a homeowner, you may not fully trust when a seller says the oil tank was removed or that there is none, especially when there is no documentation for the same. Therefore, it is essential to perform an oil tank inspection.

If not removed, oil tanks are a potential liability that can cost you extra funds, especially if the oil tank leaks. Therefore, it is a recommendation to every new homeowner to perform an oil tank sweep to help drive the value of the home up.

Accurate and Affordable Oil Tank Scanning Service

The experienced team of skilled environmental professionals from Tank Solutions have an outstanding reputation among local realtors, home buyers, and homeowners for providing accurate oil tank sweeps at the lowest price locally available. Since metal is often present underground, we use specialized underground oil tank locator equipment to positively identify an underground fuel tank and determine its precise location. With our precise tank sweep, tank removal is more accurate and less disruptive to the property.

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Serving North and Central New Jersey for Over 40 Years

For over 40 years, homeowners throughout Union, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Morris, and Somerset Counties have trusted Tank Solutions for honest, transparent pricing and fast, dependable oil tank removal services:

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What Makes Tank Solutions' Tank Sweeps Unique

  1. Excellent Reputation

    Our qualified environmental professionals are known by local realtors and homeowners for providing fast and accurate oil tank sweeps that give home buyers and homeowners peace of mind.

  2. Fully Insured

    We pride ourselves in carrying one of the largest insurance policies in the industry, which includes full comprehensive coverage and a $5 Million pollution liability policy.

  3. Well Respected in Industry

    Tank Solutions has earned the respect of the NJ Department of Environmental Protection for our professionalism in providing top-quality oil tank removal and soil remediation services.

  4. Experienced, Qualified Crew

    Each of our technicians works for Tank Solutions full-time and is OSHA certified, and many of them have been on our team for over 15 years!

  5. Straightforward Communication

    At Tank Solutions, we explain the results of your tank sweep and describe all next steps clearly so you understand the entire process.

  6. Honest, Transparent Pricing

    Unlike other companies in the industry, Tank Solutions never surprises you with hidden costs.

  7. Lowest Tank Sweep Price Available

    Tank Solutions is proud to provide you with the most affordable tank sweep price available in the area.

  8. Obtain All Permits

    At Tank Solutions, we save you time by handling all the details, including obtaining oil tank removal permits.

  9. One-day Tank Removal

    Should you decide to have us remove your underground fuel tank, we’ll complete the work in one day, including refilling the hole left by your underground heating oil tank.

  10. Neat and Clean

    Our oil tank removal professionals will carefully remove your residential oil tank from the ground, refill the hole with soil, and haul the tank off-site.

  11. Good Relationships with Townships

    We’re well-known by local township officials, which helps us expedite your Certificate of Occupancy (CO) and get you to the closing table on time.

  12. Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) on Staff

    Tank Solutions stands out among soil remediation companies because we have our an LSRP on staff who is qualified to take soil samples, report results to the NJDEP, and work with NJDEP officials to obtain documents necessary to help your homebuyers finalize their mortgage.

  13. Three Certified Subsurface Evaluators on Staff

    Since we have our own subsurface evaluators, we can avoid delays in reporting favorable test results to the DEP and get you to the closing table on time.

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