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Soil Sampling, Union, NJ (2022)

What is Soil Sampling?

If you have an active or decommissioned underground fuel tank on your residential property, it’s essential that you have it removed. The longer an oil tank remains buried, the more likely it will corrode and allow oil to seep into the ground, posing severe threats to the environment. If you are planning to sell your home, attorneys and realtors will advise potential buyers not to purchase a home that has an underground oil tank because of the legal liabilities it poses. Banks typically don’t give mortgages to buyers who plan to buy a home with an oil tank buried in its yard, even if it has been filled with sand or foam. The only way to accurately assess whether your underground tank has leaked oil is to have a team of professionals remove the tank and sample the soil. An underground oil tank can be very concerning to homeowners, and it isn’t easy to know who to turn to for trustworthy guidance. The soil sampling experts from Tank Solutions are here to help! We’ll provide you with straightforward answers to your questions and honest, transparent pricing for top-quality underground oil tank removal, soil sampling, and related services.

Expert Soil Investigation Services

Don’t let the discovery of an underground oil tank during a home inspection jeopardize your house sale closing date! With a highly qualified and experienced team of engineers and soil scientists, strong relationships with township officials, and an excellent reputation with the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), Tank Solutions can help you get to the closing table on time:

  1. Skillful Underground Tank Excavation

    We’ll quickly and carefully excavate your underground oil tank and arrange for the local building inspector to be on-site to inspect it before we remove it from the ground and haul it away.

  2. Accurate Soil Sampling

    If the tank fails inspection, one of our on-staff Subsurface Evaluators will carefully take soil samples and check them with a PID meter until finding soil that is oil-free. Once the PID meter identifies the certified clean zone, we’ll preserve that area and remove the contaminated soil. The Subsurface Evaluator will take soil samples from the clean zone to a lab for testing.

  3. Same-Day Site Cleanup

    We’ll backfill the hole left by the underground tank with certified clean soil from the quarry and leave your property reasonably neat and clean.

  4. Fast Turnaround

    Once favorable lab results are received, our on-staff Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) will write a report for the NJDEP and work with officials to get you a No Further Action (NFA) letter within 14 days of soil remediation so that your homebuyers can get their mortgage from the bank.

What Makes Tank Solutions' Soil Sampling Unique

  1. Excellent Reputation

    Our dedicated, in-house team of soil scientists and engineers have an outstanding reputation for accurate soil sampling and exceptional underground oil tank removal services in full compliance with the American petroleum Institute Standards (API1604) and all applicable federal, state, local, OSHA and EPA regulations.

  2. Fully Insured

    We pride ourselves in carrying one of the largest insurance policies in the industry, which includes full comprehensive coverage and a $5 Million pollution liability policy.

  3. Well Respected in Industry

    Our dedicated, in-house team of soil scientists and engineers have an outstanding reputation for accurate soil sampling and exceptional underground oil tank removal services in full compliance with the American petroleum Institute Standards (API1604) and all applicable federal state, local, OSHA and EPA regulations.

  4. Experienced, Qualified Crew

    All of our technicians are full-time employees of Tank Solutions and are OSHA certified, and many of them have been on our team for over 15 years!

  5. Straightforward Communication

    Tank Solutions makes dealing with an underground oil tank less stressful for you by addressing your concerns and explaining your options.

  6. Honest, Transparent Pricing

    Unlike other oil tank removal and soil sampling companies, we present you with honest, detailed pricing and never surprise you with hidden costs.

  7. Lowest Tank Sweep Price Available

    Tank Solutions is proud to provide you with the most affordable tank sweep price available in the area.

  8. Obtain All Permits

    We handle details like obtaining tank removal permits, arranging same-day oil tank inspection, and fast, accurate soil sampling to save you time.

  9. One-day Tank Removal

    We’ll remove your residential underground oil tank and refill the hole with soil in just one day.

  10. Neat and Clean

    Our oil tank removal professionals are careful not to do unnecessary damage to your property while removing your oil tank from the ground, refilling the hole with soil, and hauling the tank off-site for disposal.

  11. Good Relationships with Townships

    The trust we’ve built with township officials enables us to work with them to expedite your Certificate of Occupancy (CO), which helps you avoid delays in closing on the sale of your home.

  12. Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) on Staff

    Our on-staff LSRP is highly qualified and readily available to report site remediation to the NJDEP, which helps your homebuyer avoid delays in finalizing their mortgage.

  13. Three Certified Subsurface Evaluators on Staff

    Our in-house subsurface evaluators are on hand to take soil samples and expedite the reporting of favorable test results to the NJDEP, which helps you get to the closing table on time.

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For over 40 years, homeowners throughout Union, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Morris, and Somerset Counties have trusted Tank Solutions for honest, transparent pricing and fast, dependable oil tank removal services:

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The experienced, qualified crew from Tank Solutions has provided honest pricing and fast, dependable oil tank sweeps, tank removals, soil remediation, and related services to local homeowners for over 40 years.

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