Above Ground Storage Tanks for Installation

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Above ground storage tank installation.

Above Ground Storage Tank (AST) Installations: There are two different types of tanks we can install above ground for homeowners. The first is the ROTH Tank which is a double wall tank ranging in size from 110 gallons up to 400 gallons. Pictured to the right is a 275 gallon ROTH Tank installed outside.

  1. Weld-Free galvanized steel outer tank
  2. High density polyethylene inner tank
  3. Corrosion Resistant
  4. Life time corrosion protected according to warranty certificate comes with Roth Tank.

The Roth Tank is the "New Generation" of above ground heating oil storage tanks. We highly recommend the Roth, but also install Granby Tanks. Installing a new above ground storage tank will free you from any possible environmental issues in the future pertaining to soil and/or groundwater contamination.

We do installation of above ground oil tanks.The second type of tank is a Granby Tank, which is a single wall steel tank. Both of these tanks can be installed inside or outside. TS will check with each town to make sure above ground tanks can be installed outside. Most above ground storage tanks are installed in the basement. Granby Tanks range in size from 120 gallons up to 330 gallons. Oil heat is still the most economical way to go rather than spending $5 to $7 thousand on a gas burner. If your oil furnace is still fairly new you can replace the old oil tank with a new oil tank for as little as $2,000 for either a Roth or Granby Tank.