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    Tank Solutions, a subsidiary of T. Slack Environmental Services, has over 30 years’ experience of finding, extracting and cleaning up after underground oil tanks. Our professional staff take pride in handling your job quickly and efficiently, leaving your property in pristine condition after the oil tank removal.

    It only takes one phone call to put the wheels in motion to have your underground oil tank removed by an experienced, licensed company who will be with you every step of the way. We sweep for oil tanks, and once we find one we put together a comprehensive plan so you will understand everything that needs to happen from oil tank removal, to soil remediation to final sign off.

    However, the mechanics of oil tank removal is only one aspect that we handle. We also help you deal with the financial and emotional aspects of finding an oil tank on your property and having to deal with soil remediation.

    We will make suggestions on how you can check if your oil tank removal is covered under your insurance policy or if you have equity in your home to cover the cost. We take a step-by-step approach so that you know your options and we keep you informed of what is happening with your project.

    At Tank Solutions, you are always our priority.

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  • Featured Articles
    Arthur M. BoureyArthur M. Bourey
    When I found out there was an underground tank on the property that I was selling, I went on a search to find a company that has the expertise to handle all aspects from confirming the search results to full removal including the soil sampling that was required in my case. From my initial interaction with Bekah through all of my interactions with the inspector, the crew that came to remove the tank, to Karen the expert that conducted the soil sampling the service and professionalism was above and beyond. I can state, without hesitation, that Tank Solutions is a leader in what they do and they care about their clients and do all that they can to allay any concerns and explain all options in detail. I highly recommend Tank Solutions for any inspection and or removal and remediation needs.
    -Jinni R-Jinni R
    There are two emotional ordeals homeowners have to experience when removing a tank from their property: waiting for the removal and waiting for the results. Tank Solutions walked me through both. They were so professional and so easy to work with. I would recommend them to everyone – I went against my real estate agent’s advice to use another firm because I trusted Rebekah and Tanks Solutions. I never regretted it!
  • Residential Oil Tank Removal NJ Professionals

    For more than 30 years Tank Solutions has been performing oil tank removal, detection and soil remediation services for homes through New Jersey with great pride. Buried oil tanks were commonly used to heat homes at the turn of the century; more than 100 years later they have deteriorated and begin infecting properties. If ignored, a leaking oil tank can cost homeowners thousands in soil remediation and fines imposed by the state and Federal government.

    Our professional staff of oil tank removal experts are fully licensed to quickly and safely detect an oil tank on your property, extract and dispose of the hazard, and leave your soil in a pristine healthy condition.

    Oil Tank Detection Services

    Underground oil storage tanks (USTs) come with a risk of costly oil leaks and soil contamination issues. This is why locating any buried oil tanks on your property before extensive damage can ensue is ideal for safeguarding your property value and avoiding devastating repair bills. There are sometimes visual signs of a buried oil tank you can look out for. Vent pipes protruding from the ground are a common sign and often sellers trying to unload poorly kept properties will hide these signs with old tires, coffee cans, or random junk. In other cases buried oil tanks can have no visible signs. Our oil tank detection experts use state-of-the-art equipment to hone in on a tank’s location. Once detected, we investigate the situation and then give homeowners a detailed account of what they are facing, and all that is involved to have them excavated and safely removed.

    Soil Remediation from Leaking Oil Tanks

    Soil remediation is the strategic washing of ground contaminants such as pesticides, petroleum, heavy metals, hydrocarbons, cyanides, and other violations that can leave your soil toxic thus posing a threat to people and mother nature. Worse case scenario you have a leaking oil tank and need soil remediation services to restore good health to your property. Our experienced oil tank removal experts know this is stressful and this is why we work to find cost-saving and time-saving soil remediation solutions so that life can resume as normal.We are with you through every step of the process and strive to get the job done while lending full support to your family.