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Do You Know The Process For Oil Tank Removal In New Jersey?

Residential oil tank removal is required in order to protect the environment as well as people’s health. In some cases, soil remediation will also be needed if the tank leaked oil while buried. The Site Remediation Reform Act New Jersey provides further information on the removal of tanks and soil remediation. The Licensed Site Remediation […]

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What Are the Hidden Dangers of NJ Underground Oil Tanks?

Homeowners in the state of New Jersey (NJ) often have to deal with the possibility of an underground oil tank. Older homes may often have underground oil tanks, and a leak and environmental damage could be occurring without the homeowner’s knowledge. This is a problem for many reasons – the possibility of an underground oil […]

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4 Clear Risks of Hidden NJ Oil Tanks

If you have a hidden oil tank on your property (most likely, this is an underground oil tank), it’s easy to keep it out of your mind. But the reality is that owning New Jersey (NJ) property with an underground oil tank can provide more risks than you would originally think. There are about 100,000 […]

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The Staggering Cost You Can’t See: Underground Oil Tanks

Underground oil tanks can sneak up on you – out of sight, out of mind. But these costs can add up, especially when you start to talk about the costs of an oil spill – for which the owner is financially responsible for clean up. For more information on how you can get your underground […]

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NJ Oil Tank Removal: Signs Your Above Ground Oil Tank is Getting Old

As your home gets older, parts of the home need to be replaced. You may have to re-shingle the roof to prevent leaks, swap out dead appliances for more energy-efficient ones, install new flooring, and you may even have to replace your above ground oil tank. You may have had to repair individual parts on […]

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Remediation Services to Save our Earth

The earth in which we live takes on a lot of wear and tear over the years. With a constantly growing population, our earth is exposed to more damaging elements than ever before. Some of it we as humans can prevent and some of it we simply cannot. The fact is that accidents happen. Whether […]

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Most Important Step of Home Inspection: Oil Tank Search

For homeowners looking to buy a new house there are traditional steps to the house buying process. A real estate appraiser will come visit the property to set a value to the home based on condition, improvements, location, and nearby comparable properties. Once a number has been set and a buyer has made a deal […]

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7 Reasons Why You Chose Oil Tank Removal

Residential oil tanks can be a highly useful way to heat your home. However, as new and improved ways to heat your home arise, the cons of owning property with an oil tank on it are becoming more apparent. Here are some reasons why you may have chosen oil tank removal: 1.Unsightly For homeowners worried […]

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The Costs of Oil Tank Installation in NJ

While many homes in the United States heat their homes from a gas or electric furnace, over seven million homes still use heated oil from oil tanks. This constitutes about ten percent of the American population. This means that ten percent of the population is environmentally responsible for the potential dangers that accompany their oil […]

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8 Questions to Ask when Servicing your Oil Tank in NJ

Whether we like it or not, colder months are quickly approaching. It’s time to put the bathing suits back up in the attic and bring the sweaters and the boots down from storage. Remember that winter can be a pretty, beautiful time too as long as you know the right ways to keep warm. And […]