Oil Tank Removal
When an underground oil tank is discovered, time is of the essence! Gone are the days when you could fill the oil tank with sand and forget about it.

Once an oil tank is discovered, we will follow these simple steps:

STEP 1Call for an Estimate

Once you contact us, we will set up an appointment to come and assess the situation. A technician from Tank Solutions will come to your property to take pictures, measurements and determine the amount of oil in your tank. Once the site overview is completed, we can provide an estimate for oil tank removal.

STEP 2Contract and Deposit

We will provide an underground storage oil tank removal contract, outlining the costs and timeframe. Once this is signed and a deposit paid, we are ready to get started with removing your oil tank.

STEP 3Permits and Utility Markouts

Tank Solutions will fill out and file all of the relevant paperwork for the oil tank removal so that the town will issue a permit for the removal of the tank. We will also contact the “Call Before You Dig” line to have the utility companies come out and mark where any underground utilities are located.

STEP 4Scheduling and Completion of Work

We will schedule the removal of your oil tank in conjunction with the town inspector. Once the oil tank is removed, a town official will make an inspection and determine if any oil has leaked. If not, then the open excavation site will be filled with certified clean fill, the site will be graded and grass seed and hay are put down. The oil tank will then be taken away. If oil has leaked, then soil remediation will be required, and we will need to provide you with a separate estimate.
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STEP 5Payment and Paperwork

Tank Solutions will issue the close out documents once the township has inspected and approved the completed site and all outstanding fees are paid. Tank Solutions will then issue a certificate for your records, proving that the oil tank was removed and inspected.