Underground Oil Tank can Be a Surprise!

Underground Oil Tank can Be a Surprise!

All too often a leaking underground oil tank comes as a shock to the homeowner.  Most oil contamination from underground tanks is not detectable on the surface and it usually takes a large leak to increase consumption to the point where someone notices.

Some of the factors that contribute to underground oil tank leaks are: how old is the tank, the quality of the original installation, soil conditions and ultimately, luck!

Well drained and sandy soil is conducive to a long life for an underground tank.  Wet and clay soils will promote rust and will eventually produce a leaking tank.

While water in the underground oil tank is proof of holes in the tank, it does not prove that an oil has leaked out.

The bottom line?  If you have any suspicion that you might have an underground oil tank, or if you are thinking of selling anytime soon, get a tank sweep done!  For only $250 you can have the peace of mind of knowing if you have an underground oil tank or not!  Just call Tank Solutions on 908-964-2717.