Tank Sweep

Tank Location Services

Before you purchase any property, performing an oil tank “sweep” is essential to protect your future investment.
The process is simple and cost-effective!

Tank Solutions skilled technicians will arrive on site and perform an inpection of the basement looking for clues of an old tank. We look for old fuel lines, old fuel filters, patched walls from removed piping as well as evidence of spills or staining on the floor of the basement area. Tank Solutions also will inspect the exterior of the homelooking for evidence of vent and fill pipes that may have been left behind. The final step is to an incorporate inductive metal detector sweep (magnetometer) outside the home looking for metallic signals from beneath the ground. Our magnetometer can indicate the presence of a buried metal object down to (6) ft below the surface.


Metal signals could indicate the presence of an old tank but also anything metal such as septic tanks, metal catch basins, old sanitary sewer lines etc.


Tank Solutions will go the extra mile and suggest an exploratory dig to accurately identify the metallic object.


Tank Solutions provides a written report within three days of the site visit for presentation to the mortgage lender and the seller’s attorney to complete your transaction.