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Serving New Jersey

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Oil Tank Removal
Elizabeth, NJ ( 2022)

Elizabeth's Oil Tank Removal Company

If your residential property in Elizabeth contains a decommissioned or active underground fuel tank, you're at risk of losing your buyer during the sale of your home. If you own a home near Mattano Park, Elizabeth River Trail, Boxwood Hall, or Kellogg Park, or close to schools like Elmora School, Elizabeth High School, Frank J. Cicarell Academy, Dr. Antonia Pantoja School, Abraham Lincoln School, Woodrow Wilson School, Robert Morris School, Einstein Academy, and Christopher Columbus School, you might not have realized there was an oil tank buried in the yard when you purchased your home. Over time, underground oil tanks tend to rust, and oil can leak into the ground and pose serious environmental risks. Due to the liability risks that an underground tank poses, filling an old oil tank with sand is no longer an acceptable solution. Mortgage lenders typically require proof that existing underground heating oil tanks have been removed. Knowing where to turn for clear, trustworthy information about oil tank removal can be difficult. The qualified, experienced oil tank removal experts from Tank Solutions are here to help by providing you with fair pricing, straightforward communication, and professional tank removal services.

History of Residential Oil Tank Removal in Elizabeth

Real estate agents, attorneys, and homeowners in Elizabeth, NJ, know Tank Solutions as the area's premier residential oil tank removal company. For over 40 years, our experienced team of skilled environmental professionals has safely and efficiently removed buried oil tanks from residential properties throughout Elizabeth, including those in neighborhoods near Cherry Street, Westfield Avenue, East Grand Street, Jackson Avenue, Rahway Avenue, Springfield Road, Chilton Street, Elmora Avenue, Trumbull Street, Broad Street, Elizabeth Avenue, East Grand Street, North Avenue, First Street, and Newark Avenue. With Tank Solutions, you'll never be unpleasantly surprised by hidden costs. We provide exceptional customer service and an all-inclusive price to remove your oil tank!

Elizabeth Residential Oil Tank Removal Services

Tank Solutions provides an array of professional oil tank removal services for Elizabeth including:

Elizabeth Oil Tank Sweeps

Tank Sweep

We perform fast and accurate oil tank sweeps at the lowest price locally available. Our specialized tank scan equipment enables us to determine whether a tank is present and exactly where it is located on your property.

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Elizabeth Oil Tank Removal

Oil Tank Removal

Lower your risk of serious issues caused by oil leaking into your water supply and avoid complications when you try to sell your home. Our experienced team of skilled environmental professionals will remove your buried oil tank safely and refill the hole in just one day!

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Elizabeth Soil Testing

Soil Sampling

Tank Solutions has three subsurface evaluators on staff who are qualified to take soil samples and report favorable test results to the Department of Environmental Protection. Let us help you avoid delays and get you to the closing table on time!

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Soil Remediation

If an underground oil tank has corroded and leaked oil into the surrounding soil, the spill needs to be cleaned up before you can sell your home. Our on-staff Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) is qualified and readily available to take soil samples, report test results, and coordinate with DEP officials to get you an NFA letter quickly.

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Contaminated Property Buying Program

Tank Solutions purchases residential property in need of soil remediation. If you want to sell your oil-contaminated residential property, contact us today!

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Your Elizabeth friends and neighbors recommend Tank Solutions for our expertise, honest pricing, and fast, efficient oil tank services. Our friendly and reliable team of heating oil tank removal experts consistently receives 5-star reviews.

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The crew from Tank Solutions went above and beyond to make sure our oil tank removal went smoothly. I’m impressed by how careful the team was to properly excavate the site and do all the necessary tests quickly and accurately so we didn’t have any delays. They have their own certified Subsurface Evaluators and an LSRP who coordinates with officials to help the process run smoothly. Thank you, Tank Solutions! You guys are great!

~ Dan S., Elizabeth, NJ Homeowner, 07201

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