Performing oil tank removal can come with a string of questions, and that’s okay. The process isn’t something most people deal with daily. You may worry about how quickly the task can happen, if there will be a large hole left in the ground, and if you’ll need to replace it or go without hot water because of it. The great news is that, if hot water is your concern, most homes or commercial businesses rely on a hot water tank indoors and this shouldn’t impact your water supply or operations. 

When it comes to water tank removal, the simple answer is that you don’t have to worry, everything will be back to normal within a few hours. 

Should You Have Your Oil Tank Removed?

Commonly used at properties as large storage tanks in the 1930s through the 1980s, these tanks worked as great solutions for housing oil and fuel for heat. Unfortunately, tanks were not made with material to withstand such long periods of time underground and have posed threats to the soil, surface ground, drinking water, and air surrounding them when they begin to leak.

The majority of older tanks were once made with bare steel, which over time begins to corrode. However, lack of maintenance, overfilling a tank, and normal decay can all lead to a tank leaking. 

Whether you’re buying a new property or you’ve recently discovered there’s an old tank buried on your property and it could be leaking, calling a professional to come out and perform tank testing, as well as removal, is more than likely the best solution when you think of the risks of leaving it there.

What To Expect

Having an oil tank removed is less invasive than you would think, and most companies you work with will refill the hole and grade it back to its normal state. Things you can expect with removal are:

  • A 3 to 4-hour removal process, which includes restoring your property.
  • A pump truck to remove all oil from the tank before the tank itself is removed.
  • Your local building inspector to examine the tank for leaks and visually examine the soil for contamination (varies by state and city)

At the end of the day, oil tank removal isn’t a lengthy process that’ll leave your yard destroyed or prevent you from going about daily tasks. It’s a quick simple job that can remove the dangers of potential leaks that may go unnoticed for lengthy periods of time. Contact us today for all of your oil thank questions and solutions.