How to Pick an Oil Tank Company in NJ

Oil tanks are dangerous. They can cause an oil leak or even explode without warning. If you have an oil tank on your property, it’s important you find the right oil tank company in NJ to work with. Working with the right professionals will help you keep your home and family safe from any potential dangers an oil tank can cause.

You may need an oil tank company in NJ to remove oil tanks, abandon oil tanks, remove hazardous waste, or perform soil remediation, oil tank inspections and property audits. Here are five criteria for picking an oil tank company in NJ.


This is your property and home. The best way to know that you’re in good hands is by working with an oil tank company who is established with many years of experience. Tank Solutions is a subsidiary of a larger company – T. Slack Environmental Services. Our staff and professionals have over three decades of experience in oil tank services. We know everything there is to know about oil tanks and our top priority is keeping you and your family safe. We’ll perform tests and audits and recommend the best solutions for your situation.

Timely Solutions

When there is a problem with an oil tank, there isn’t much time to waste. The longer the oil tank sits, the more dangerous the situation can become. All of our solutions provide a quick timeline. If you are buying or selling a home and need the oil tank removed before the closing date, we move your project to the top of our list and make it happen. We know the risks and we remove them as quickly as possible for you.


Working with a staff who are well educated and certified is vital. These are the people who will be working on your property. How this project ends and how your property is affect will rely on the quality of their work. At Tank Solutions all of our technicians are OSHA certified, insured and many have been with our company for over 15 years. They conduct the oil tank removal in a professional manner, being as respectful as possible of your property as they remove your oil tank and return things to normal as quickly as possible.

Fully Insured

Things go wrong in projects, especially when dealing with oil tanks. Make sure the company you pick is fully insured and compliant with liability laws. Tank Solutions carries one of the largest insurance policies in the industry. We provide full comprehensive coverage as well as a $5 million pollution liability policy. Every project we complete is compliant with American Petroleum Institute Standards and all applicable federal, state, local, OSHA and EPA regulations.

As always, be sure to consider cost and customer service into your decision. Be as picky as you have to be with this decision because your property will be affected by your oil tank. Work with the right oil tank company in NJ to avoid problems and get the job done right. Tank Solutions is here for all your oil tank services so give us a call to get started.