Why Choose Us
No one wants to hear the words “you have an underground oil tank” or “your oil tank is leaking”.
At Tank Solutions, we understand that having to dig up your yard, take out an oil tank and possibly having to deal with oil tank leakage and soil remediation can be very overwhelming. However, our goal is to make the processes of oil tank removal as quick and easy as possible.

Subsidiary of Major Company

Tank Solutions is a subsidiary of T. Slack Environmental Services, Inc., commercial soil remediation experts in New Jersey for over 30 years. We bring all of this experience to you when we search for an oil tank, do an oil tank removal or deal with soil remediation.

Quick, Turnkey Solution

We understand that often an oil tank is discovered while someone is in the process of selling a property and there is a need for a quick and professional solution to ensure that the closing date is not jeopardized. We do everything humanly possible to keep everything on track, and we always prioritize an oil tank removal in just such circumstances at the very top of our project list.

Professional Staff

All of our technicians are full-time employees who are OSHA certified, insured and many of them have been with our company for over 15 years. They conduct the oil tank removal in a professional manner, being as respectful as possible of your property as they remove your oil tank and return things to normal as quickly as possible.

Fully Insured and Compliant

We pride ourselves in carrying one of the largest insurance policies in the industry today. In addition to full comprehensive coverage, we also carry a $5 Million pollution liability policy. All our oil tank removals are performed in compliance with the American Petroleum Institute Standards (API 1604) and all applicable federal, state, local, OSHA and EPA regulations.

Cost Effective and Competitive

Our goal is to provide outstanding service and remarkable customer support for all your oil tank needs at a competitive price.