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Testimonial from Jinni R.

There are two emotional ordeals homeowners have to experience when removing a tank from their property: waiting for the removal and waiting for the results. Tank Solutions walked me through both. They were so professional and so easy to work with.

Rebekah from Tank Solutions knew just what to say to handle my anxiety and she was realistic enough to say everyone goes through the emotional part and even if they found the worst it wasn’t the end of my life. They met me where I was professionally and emotionally. They gave me a good price, and they came highly recommended. I knew I was going to always get the straight answer and if I would have had a problem, they would have helped me with a Plan B. This really is a big deal and they made it manageable!

I would recommend them to everyone – I went against my real estate agent’s advice to use another firm because I trusted Rebekah and Tanks Solutions. I never regretted it!

-Jinni R.

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