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Taking Care with Underground Oil Tanks

Meet Tank, the newest member of the Tank Solutions family!  Our staff take great care when they come to extract an oil tank from your property and this little kitten is living proof of how careful they are!  A few weeks ago we were taking out a tank and this little guy got tangled up in the dirt.  Our staff not only rescued the kitten, but he found a home as well.  We take our jobs seriously and we understand how traumatic having to dig up your property can be.  We take great care to ensure we remove the oil tank and do everything necessary to pass inspection, while at the same time making sure we can return your property as close to its original state as possible.  If you think you might have an underground oil tank, give us a call and we will begin by doing a tank sweep.  Call Tank Solutions at 908-964-2717.

tank kitten

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