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Soil Remediation in New Jersey

The biggest fear that home owners have when they discover an under ground oil tank on their property is that it might have leaked.  While we sometimes get requests to do soil sampling around an oil tank, the only sure way to know if there is a need for soil remediation is to remove the tank and test the soil at the bottom.

Soil remediation in New Jersey is heavily regulated.  The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection is the regulatory body that establishes the rules and makes sure that they are followed.  Once an oil tank is removed from the ground, Tank Solutions technicians and inspectors look for any indication of oil leakage, beginning with any visible holes in the oil tank.  They will also look for other indicators that soil remediation may need to be conducted, such as a strong odor of oil, discoloration of the soil or an oily sheen on any ground water.  If any such indicators  are present, then it’s time to order soil samples sent to the lab to determine if any oil is present.

Once it is determined that oil is present, then its time for a complete soil remediation project.  We handle everything for you, beginning with ordering a soil remediation case number from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.  Tank Solutions staff conduct a sub surface evaluation to determine how much soil needs to be removed.  Once the excavation is complete, additional testing will be done to see if any additional soil remediation is needed.    The site is then back filled, racked and seeded with grass seed.  Once the samples are returned with a clean bill of health, we take care of closing out the case with the NJDEP and Tank Solutions provides the home owner with a report that outlines all the soil remediation steps taken and has a certificate proving that soil remediation was completed.

When it comes to soil remediation, Tank Solutions is with you every step of the way!  If you even suspect you have an under ground oil tank, give us a call on 908-964-2717 or visit our website at

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