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Oil Tank Search

If you are in the market to sell or purchase a new home, it is a good idea to have an oil tank search conducted. Even if your home is a newer one, it may have been built on a location that has an underground tank. Many banks, insurance companies and attorneys require a search prior to establishing a mortgage or insuring a property. This is an inexpensive way to guarantee that your closing will not be held up by a late discovery of an underground tank.

Why take a chance on losing a sale? Call Tank Solutions prior to listing a house to conduct an inexpensive tank search of the basement and property for any underground storage tanks.

Above Ground Oil Tank Installation


Tank Solutions installs the new generation of above ground storage tanks manufactured by ROTH. We can install then either outside the house or in the basement. ROTH makes the best tank in the industry ranging in size from 110 gallons up to 400 gallons.

These tanks are:

  • › Weld-Free galvanized steel outer tank
  • › High density polyethylene inner tank
  • › Corrosion Resistant
  • › Life time corrosion protected Warranty certificate comes with Roth Tank.

Property Acquisition

Potential Purchase of Contaminated Property

In some cases, residential oil tanks have leaked so badly that the cost of cleanup is prohibitive for the home owner. Tank Solutions now has a program where they will consider purchase of such properties. The property can be privately owned, a rental property, bank owned, a foreclosure or an estate.

Tank Solutions has certain criteria by which they measure whether or not they will purchase a property. If they determine that a property fits their profile, Tank Solutions will make on offer to the Owner to purchase the property on an “As Is” basis.

Our program will release the Owner from any future liability and allow them to sell the property, even though remediation has not occurred. Tank Solutions then assumes the responsibly for completing the remediation prior to any future sale.