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Oil Tank Removal and Soil Remediation

When a homeowner hears the phrase “underground oil tank” they tend to have a sinking feeling in the pit of their stomachs!  However, just because you have an underground oil tank does not mean that you will have to have a full soil remediation done on your property.

The first step is always to do a tank sweep, to make sure that whatever is buried in your yard is actually an oil tank.  Sometimes the object buried under the back yard can be an old trash heap or an old septic tank.  Once you determine that is indeed an underground oil tank, then its time to plan for a tank extraction.

At Tank Solutions, we plan this part very carefully, to ensure we get in and get out quickly and leave your property in the best condition possible.  Once we excavate to uncover the tank, we then extract any oil still remaining, clean out the inside of the tank, pull it from the ground and then test the soil under it to see if any leaks occurred.  If the soil tests as being oil free, once it is inspected we can then put everything back the way it was and the home owner is free to continue with the sale of their home.

However, if evidence of oil is found, then a full soil remediation will be conducted. We will explain to you everything that will need to be done, give you a comprehensive quote for the job and we will be there to answer questions every step of the way.  We are the experts in soil remediation – everything will be done right, the first time, with all appropriate paperwork completed and filed with the State.  In short, we make soil remediation as painless as possible.


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