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Oil Tank Removal in New Jersey

Back in the day, underground oil tanks were considered the way to go because it was out of site and eventually became out of mind.  This has caused many problems for home owners, who have purchased a house in the past without doing a tank sweep.

Today, between the mortgage company and the insurance company, it is nearly impossible to have a piece of property change hands without having a tank sweep done.

What is a tank sweep?  It simply means that  a technician visits your property and uses a magnetometer (similar to a metal detector) to “sweep” your property to make sure that an underground oil tank does not exist.  If they find one, then Tank Solutions is well placed to assist you with extracting the tank and handling any soil remediation necessary in order to get case closure from the NJDEP.

So, for around $250 for properties under one acre, you can have peace of mind that your property does not have an underground oil tank.

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